'Fraggle Rock' Comic Book In The Works?

Fraggle RockJim Henson's foam-faced creations are certainly making a comeback in comics these days. Boom! Studios' "The Muppet Show" and "The Muppets: Robin Hood" have been stirring up nostalgia for a while now, but rumors are surfacing across the 'net indicating that another generation of Muppets could find new life in comics. A series of recent hints from publisher Archaia Studios Press seem to indicate that babies of the '80s will soon be reunited with HBO and Jim Henson Production's "Fraggle Rock" franchise.

Yesterday, Archaia Director of Development Stephen Christy posted a fairly cryptic message via Twitter, which read, "I guess I should post another clue to Archaia's next big announcement…" He included a link to a closely cropped photo of what resembles the pigtailed "Fraggle Rock" character Red.

While the message and link were later removed, Comic Book Resources managed to snag the the image -- which we've posted below:

Archaia Tease?

Mel Caylo, Marketing Manager at Archaia, is keeping mum on the matter, though he said to look for an announcement in two weeks regarding the mystery project.

In the meantime, fans are left to remember the series' four-year run, which ended 12 years ago. Its popularity spawned an animated series that lasted one season on NBC, an album of music from the show, a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion and irrational fears of talking garbage heaps. (Or was that just me?)

If Archaia does commit to a "Fraggle Rock" comic, the timing may have something to do with the franchise's rumored upcoming feature film. Of course, with a generation of fans now in their career years, either potential release could be timed to coincide with mounting nostalgia for Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red.

What do you think Fraggle fans? Should "Fraggle Rock" make a comic comeback? Would you be into an Archaia published title? Let the music play down in the comments.