Danny McBride To Write/Star In 'Hench' Adaptation

HenchAlready having gone eastbound and down, "Land of the Lost" funnyman Danny McBride is heading towards an all-new terrain -- the comic book.

Variety has the scoop that McBride will headline "Hench" for Warner Bros., based on the graphic novel of the same name created by Adam Beechen and Mario Bello. McBride will write the screenplay alongside Shawn Harwell.

Originally released by AiT/Planet Lar, "Hench" focuses on Mike Fulton, a football player who suffers a career-ending injury and needs to find employment, so he signs on as a henchman to a successful villain.

"'Hench' is an exploration of the very fine line between hero and villain," Adam Beechen, who wrote the novel, described the comic to Comic Book Resources back in 2004. "A former star college athlete, Mike's not a bad person in the least but, spurred by a lack of legitimate opportunities, the need to provide for his family and the lure of adrenaline, Mike takes 'henching' jobs here and there and, before he knows it, discovers he's made a career. And it's a career that comes with high, high costs."

From the sound of it, the character isn't that far of a stretch from McBride's role on "Eastbound and Down," the HBO black comedy series about a foul-mouthed baseball pitcher whose vulgar attitude has landed him on the spectator side of the sport as a high school gym teacher.

While McBride might be new to comic book movies, he's no stranger to Splash Page. We've got video evidence of the "Land of the Lost" actor and his co-star Will Ferrell as they plot to take down Rick Marshall, Splash Page's very own fearless leader. So if there are any henchmen-for-hire out there willing to pay these guys a visit, please hit us up in the comments.

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