'Die Hard' Prequel And 'Jennifer's Body' Tie-In Comics Announced

Die Hard: Year OneWhile Splash Page usually focuses its energy on the leap from comic book to cinema screen, we're always down to report on the opposite translation -- and today, a pair of film franchises are moving into the paneled universe.

Boom Studios has announced that it will publish a prequel to the Bruce Willis-starring "Die Hard" action franchise as a comic book series titled "Die Hard: Year One," while simultaneously releasing a graphic novel version of "Jennifer's Body," the upcoming horror film starring Megan Fox and directed by Diablo Cody ("Juno").

Die Hard: Year One

"Die Hard: Year One," which hits comic book stores this August, focuses on a young John McClane over a decade before the events of the first "Die Hard" film. McClane will be depicted as a rookie cop that deals with a catastrophe during the 1976 Bicentennial celebration. The series is written by "American Flagg!" creator Howard Chaykin with art by Stephen Thompson.

As the man who made the McClane, Bruce Willis is hardly a stranger to the comic book world. While his "Die Hard" persona settles itself in the Boom Studios catalogue, Willis himself has already made noted comics-friendly appearances as Hartigan in "Sin City" and as Agent Greer in the upcoming "Surrogates" adaptation.

Click on the images below for larger versions of each "Die Hard: Year One" cover.

Die Hard: Year OneDie Hard: Year OneDie Hard: Year One

Boom's other film-to-comic translation is "Jennifer's Body," based on the upcoming thriller starring "Jonah Hex" actress Megan Fox. The novel, which will be written by Rick Spears with art from Tim Seeley, Jim Mahfood, Nikki Crook and Ming Doyle, centers on a demonically-possessed cheerleader with a taste for killing teenage boys. The novel's description indicates that it might not be a strict translation of the film, but rather an ancillary story that provides further depth to the movie's universe.

Fox is not the only comic book player that appears in "Jennifer's Body." The movie also stars "Spider-Man" actor J.K. Simmons and Adam Brody, who was once attached to the now-defunct "Justice League" adaptation.

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