Kevin Smith Says J.J. Abrams Should Handle 'Superman' Reboot

Earlier this month, Kevin Smith dropped by Splash Page HQ to chat about his June 17 show at Carnegie Hall, and along with getting the scoop on his upcoming Batman and Green Hornet comics, we also talked movies with the popular director -- specifically, comic book movies. While Smith told MTV News he didn't want to direct any big-screen comic book adaptations himself, he did have some thoughts on who should direct a potential reboot of one superhero franchise he has a lot of experience with: Superman.

Based on 'Star Trek,' I'd hand it to J.J. [Abrams] and say, 'Go!'" Smith told MTV News. "Clearly, the dude knows how to craft a really warm and wonderful piece of mainstream entertainment. And that's what 'Star Trek' is -- it works like crazy as a mainstream movie, and it has warmth."

It's no secret that Abrams' "Superman" script has become the stuff of legends around the movie scene, with many of those who've seen the "Lost" co-creator's screenplay raving about how impressive it was -- and how much of a misstep Warner Bros made in not going that route with the Man of Steel. Last year, we heard about the script from actor Brendan Fraser (who tried on the costume as a potential Clark Kent) and the director originally slated to helm the film, Brett Ratner.

Now, it seems, a J.J. Abrams "Superman" has another fan in Kevin Smith.

"['Star Trek'] isn't just assembled by committee and you don't see the heart," continued Smith. "There's heart there and humanity. So give him 'Superman,' because that's what people seemed to miss in the last one -- they just felt like Superman wasn't Superman. He wasn't human enough."

"There are two sides to the Superman equation," added Smith. "Kryptonian birth but raised on Earth."

What do you think? Would you like to see a J.J. Abrams "Superman"?