EXCLUSIVE: Get Your First Look At Bonus Content From Marvel's 'Halo: Uprising' Hardcover!

Halo: UprisingA comic book based on one of the gaming world's most popular franchises, created by one of the comic book world's most popular writer/artist teams, Marvel Comics' "Halo: Uprising" was as near to a perfect crossover project as we tend to get in the comics and gaming scenes.

Next week, the four-issue series by the award-winning team of Marvel Universe architect Brian Michael Bendis and celebrated artist Alex Maleev ("Daredevil") hits shelves in a special hardcover edition that collects all four issues and features a variety of early art and "making of" content. Marvel has provided MTV News with an exclusive preview of some of that content -- including several inked pages showcasing Maleev's much-praised work in bringing Master Chief, The Covenant and Bendis' "Uprising" tale to life.

Set in the period between the end of "Halo 2" and the beginning of the "Halo 3" game, "Uprising" explains what happened to "Halo" hero Master Chief after stowing away on a Covenant spaceship headed toward Earth, and the important role one American city played in fighting the alien invaders.

Halo: Uprising

Click on the image above for an exclusive preview of bonus content from the "Halo: Uprising" Hardcover, published by Marvel Comics.

No stranger to the "Halo" universe, Bendis previously stated that he was "honored" to contribute to the development of the game's mythology, and he hoped to bring "humanity and perspective" to the "Halo" universe with the four-issue series. While the first issue sold out in 24 hours, concerns regarding the publishing schedule and Master Chief's role in the story were often heard 'round the online world during the original series' publication. Now, with the full series collected in "Halo: Uprising," you can decide for yourself whether Bendis and Maleev accomplished their lofty goals for the series.

The 168-page "Halo: Uprising" hardcover edition hits shelves on June 3, and will retail for $24.99. You can also check out a free digital comic of "Halo: Uprising" #1 right now at Marvel.com and visit Marvel's recently launched "Halo" minisite.

What do you think of "Halo: Uprising" and Maleev's art in our preview of the "Halo: Uprising" bonus content? Planning to pick up the hardcover edition?