Sam Raimi Addresses Morbius Rumors For 'Spider-Man 4’

Morbius in 'Spider-Man 4'?"Spider-Man 4" director Sam Raimi doesn't seem certain about Kirsten Dunst's return or exactly what's going to be in the script at this point, but the rumor mill continues to churn about the next chapter in Spidey's big-screen franchise. Way back in January, we reported that Raimi had mentioned "The Living Vampire" Morbius as a potential foe for Marvel's wall-crawler, and it looks like the celebrated director still has a soft spot for the bloodsucker.

During a press event for his new film "Drag Me To Hell," Fear.Net asked Raimi about the vampire rumors for the fourth installment of the "Spider-Man" films. The director's response was, well... of the "neither confirm nor deny" variety.

"What? I don't know anything about that" smirked Raimi. "I guess they're very appealing. Like the best of villains, they have some positive qualities."

"They can be very sexy and alluring, and the way in which they attack you is very sensual," continued Raimi. "It's almost something you desire."

While that doesn't confirm the presence of Morbius in the next chapter of the "Spider-Man" saga, it certainly doesn't debunk the rumor, either -- in fact, it's pretty clear that Raimi is thinking quite a bit about the creatures these days. Last month, Marvel's "Spider-Man" comic book editor Steve Wacker weighed in with his thoughts on which villains he'd like to see in "Spider-Man 4" and who should play them, and Morbius (played by "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson) was one of the characters on his short list -- so maybe there's hope for all the Morbius fans out there.

Wait... There are Morbius fans out there, right? (I kid, I kid.)

What do you think of Morbius squaring off against spidey in "Spider-Man 4"? Is that something you'd like to see? Sound off in the comment section!