Katee Sackhoff Researching Typhoid Mary -- But For What Film?

Katee SackhofBizarre rumor of the week: Katee Sackhoff, who played the hot-headed fighter pilot Starbuck on the recently concluded "Battlestar Galactica" television series, was at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles last week to procure a significant chunk of comic books starring Daredevil character Typhoid Mary. According to the store, Sackhoff herself proclaimed that she's hoping to land a role in a Marvel movie.

While the Sackhoff seen at Golden Apple could well be a Cylon impostor trying to confuse the comic book community, there's also a good chance that this means a film is in the works featuring Typhoid Mary. The question, of course, is which Marvel film would she be in?

Typhoid Mary first appeared in Marvel's "Daredevil" series as a villainous mutant with multiple personalities. Each persona has varying degrees of psionic powers, wickedness and sanity. Given her first appearance as a "Daredevil" villain -- and the fact that Typhoid Mary was actually featured in the "Elektra" spin-off film -- it's possible that the long-rumored "Daredevil" reboot is picking up traction.

Another possibility is that Mary would star in the recently announced "Deadpool" solo feature. In the comic books, Wade Wilson and Mary had some truly bizarre interactions, including one storyline in which all three of Mary's personalities hired Deadpool as a mercenary. The multi-pronged Mary would definitely be suitable in a "Deadpool" flick, particularly if Fox chooses to embrace Deadpool's whackier roots as Ryan Reynolds hopes they do.

There's also an outside possibility that Typhoid Mary could be featured in the upcoming "Avengers" film. She currently appears in the pages of "Avengers: The Initiative" under the guise of Mutant Zero, a masked warrior whose identity remained a secret until Taskmaster blew her cover. But given the far-away release date on "Avengers," it's unlikely that Sackhoff -- or any other actress -- would be ramping up to audition for a role in that film.

Whatever the case may be, it's likely that the Katee Sackhoff and the Infinite Stack of Typhoid Mary Comic Books mystery will remain unsolved for quite some time, much like last year's similar Eva Longoria rumors. But if an actress is already aware that Typhoid Mary is part of a Marvel movie, then perhaps the mystery could be solved sooner than we'd thought.

What movie do you think Typhoid Mary will appear in? Would Katee Sackhoff be right for the role, or would she just frak it up? Give us your feedback in the comments section!