PREVIEW: 'Political Power: Barack Obama' -- But Can It Beat 'Puppy Power'?

'Barack Obama' ComicWolverine has been the go-to guy for years when it comes to magazines or comic book series that want a quick sales boost. Put him on the cover, and issues are practically guaranteed to fly off the shelves. These days, though, U.S. President Barack Obama is giving Logan a run for his money when it comes to selling comics.

This August, Bluewater Productions will publish "Political Power: Barack Obama," one of several comics featuring notable figures from recent US elections. Along with the Obama comic, Bluewater also has comics in the works featuring Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and, well... even the Obama's dog, Bo.

And it's that last comic, "Puppy Power: Bo Obama," that prompted one of the funnier exchanges I've ever had with an interview subject -- in this case, "Barack Obama" author Chris Ward.

"This 'Bo Obama' comic book really burns my ass," laughed Ward. "Now I have to work twice as hard to make sure my Barack Obama comic sells more copies, or I'll instantly shame my entire family. I'm not kidding. My grandmother's dying words were, 'Chris... outsell that godd---ed puppy comic.'"

'Barack Obama' Comic

Click on the image above for an exclusive preview of the "Political Power: Barack Obama" comic by Chris Ward and Azim Akberali.

All joking aside, Ward cited the comic's impressive, fully painted interior by artist Azim Akberali among the various aspects of the project that set it apart from the glut of Obama-themed issues hitting shelves over the last year. With the always-funny Ward handling the script, however, there's little chance the project will take itself too seriously.

"Azim Akberali paints a gorgeous Obama in tights, the story weaves actual history with the history of cheese-covered french fries, and Rod Blagojevich only makes one desperate appearance," explained Ward. "Also, I kill off Spider-Man in this book -- but I'm sure Marvel will adjust in time and start seeing things my way."

As for that other Obama comic (the one about the Portugese water dog in the White House), Ward offered a final appeal to readers.

"Barack Obama is the first black president; Bo Obama is the first black dog to scoot his Hawaiian lei-wearing ass through the Rose Garden," said Ward. "The choice seems clear to me."

Decision 2009: Barack Obama or Bo Obama? You make the choice! Let us know what you think about "Political Power: Barack Obama" in the comment section!

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