New 'Surrogates' Trailer Debuts Online -- Spoiler Alert!

SurrogatesComic book cinema in the upcoming summer season is fairly scarce, but we're only a few short months removed from one of the graphic novel adaptations we're most looking forward to around Splash Page HQ. We're talking, of course, about the adaptation of Top Shelf's "Surrogates."

The Bruce Willis-starring film, which focuses on a futuristic Earth where human beings live through robotic surrogates of themselves in order to avoid death, has released an all-new full-length trailer. The footage is over two minutes long and shows some surprisingly spoiler-heavy scenes from the movie -- it even reveals that Willis has hair!

As the video suggests, the main crux of "Surrogates" is that an enigmatic killer is stalking and murdering the robotic analogues that humanity has come to rely on. While their operators are used to having damage befall their surrogates, they've always been able to just launch a new robot off into the world without worrying about personal damage -- but this killer has apparently found a way to destroy both the surrogate and the operator, leaving Bruce Willis' character to solve the case.

There's plenty of cool scenes depicted in the trailer, but as we mentioned, it's pretty telling of the film's biggest twists and turns. In other words, view at your own risk!

If you decide to skip the trailer, then you should at least go to the website mentioned at the end of the footage. By visiting, you're given the opportunity to design your very own cybernetic persona to send off into the real world. Designers have the option of building their surrogates from scratch or by uploading a photograph of their choice as a template.

It's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Now we're looking forward to sending our surrogates out into the world, only to get blown to bits by some anonymous killer.

On second thought, maybe we'll pass on that.

What'd you think of the "Surrogates" trailer? How'd your own surrogate turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments section!