Seven Comic Book Robots We'd Like To See Fight A Terminator

DeathlokEver since Arnold Schwarzenegger's metal skeleton revealed itself in the first "Terminator" movie, fans have loved matching up different characters against Skynet's famous robotic killers. In the comics world, there are plenty of artificial life forms that hold their own against the most powerful super-powered villains -- but what would happen if they took on the film world's favorite unstoppable, mechanical assassin?

With "Terminator: Salvation" blasting into theaters this week, here's a list of seven mechanical comic book heroes we wouldn’t mind seeing square off against a Terminator.

G.I. RobotG.I. ROBOT: Before director James Cameron ever thought about robotic soldiers, the character G.I. Robot (nicknamed “Joe”) made his first appearance in 1962 as an experimental automaton who fought Nazis during World War II.

Though he went missing later, he was succeeded by later models, including J.A.K.E. 2 who recently appeared in Superman comics. J.A.K.E. 2 was armor-plated and equipped with built-in rockets, guns and anti-aircraft missiles.

DeathlokDEATHLOK: In a possible future where the U.S is ruled by corporations and warring military regimes, Luther Manning became an unlikely hero. A U.S. soldier, Manning was experimented on to create a super-soldier, his brain transplanted into corpse fused with special armor and advanced technology.

Possessing superhuman strength, agility, stamina and resiliency, and his brain now connected to a battle-computer, the soldier called Deathlok became a formidable warrior who was always trying to maintain his humanity. He's a great contrast against the machines who want to destroy the human race.

Death's HeadDEATH’S HEAD: An artificially intelligent robot, Death’s Head worked as a “freelance peacekeeper”, meaning he was a bounty hunter with a set moral code (he’d only kill for survival or money).

Incredibly strong and resilient to injury, he often traveled through time and space itself, encountering such famous characters as Doctor Who and the Transformers, so he’d definitely be prepared for a certain time-traveling Terminator.

Machine ManMACHINE MAN: The government wanted a new robot soldier with artificial intelligence. When the scientist in charge decided to treat model X-51 as if it were his son, the machine achieved full sentience. Now possessing morality, X-51 (naming himself “Aaron”) decided to be a super-hero rather than a weapon.

With great strength, self-repair functions, telescopic limbs, enhanced senses and a multitude of weapons, Machine Man could prove a dangerous enemy for Skynet itself.

The VisionTHE VISION: Created originally by the evil robot Ultron, the Vision was programmed with the brainwaves of a human being to give him creativity and an understanding of humans. To Ultron’s surprise, it also gave his creation a deep-seated compassion for humanity.

With the ability to alter his mass, the Vision can become intangible as a ghost or as tough and indestructible as diamond. He can even mess with internal organs and circuitry by becoming partly tangible inside people and machines. Definitely a worthy foe against the Terminators.

Red TornadoRED TORNADO: An elemental spirit fused with a robot body, the Red Tornado was first an enemy and then a member of the Justice League of America.

With his ability to summon gale force winds and stun opponents with focused tornado blasts, this hero (nicknamed “Reddy” by his teammates) would be able to put down a number of Terminators before any of them could get in the first shot.

SCUDSCUD THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN: Like the Terminator, Scud was literally built to be an assassin. But when Scud realized he was programmed to self-destruct once his target died, our boy decided to turn his talents to killing other folks instead and using the money to keep his original target alive on life support.

Scud's a wise-cracking, nearly indestructible crackshot and he’d definitely give the Terminator an interesting fight.

What do you think? Who did we miss? Any comic book robots you'd like to see square off against a Terminator? Sound off in the comment section!

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