Will Ferrell Proposes Facebook/Twitter Alternative In 'Behind The Screen' Outtake

Yesterday, I gave you a very long-winded (and exceptionally paranoid) explanation of why I'm quite sure Will Ferrell is trying to steal my identity -- and offered up an outtake from this weekend's "Behind the Screen" movies show on MTV (airing Sunday at 11 PM EST) as proof that he's gunning to be the #1 "Rick Marshall." Today, I have another outtake from MTV's interview with Ferrell and his "Land of the Lost" co-star Danny McBride -- but this teaser comes with 100-percent less paranoia, I promise.

While there's not much connection to the comics world here, it's Will Ferrell -- so it's good for a laugh. Given the subject matter of the clip, it also provides a nice opportunity to remind you that you can follow Splash Page updates on Twitter for all of your comics and comic book movie news. Subscribers to Splash Page on Twitter generally receive the first word on new posts and content -- well before it hits our RSS feed (and occasionally before it even shows up on the front page).

While we're at it, you might want to make the hours before "Behind the Screen" a full-on MTV day, as the network is showing all six "Star Wars" movies over the course of the weekend. MTV's "Star Wars" marathon kicks off Saturday at 5 PM EST and runs through Monday, May 25.

Sunday's broadcast of "Episode IV: A New Hope" at 8 PM EST will lead directly into "Behind the Screen" at 11 PM EST, featuring the full, creature-filled interview with "Land of the Lost" stars Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, as well as an exclusive first look at the set of Russell Brand's upcoming film "Get Him to the Greek," the broadcast premiere of the new "Bruno" trailer, and an exclusive clip from Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds."

How's THAT for a full weekend, eh?