'Watchmen' Writer Alan Moore To Partner With Faith No More's Mike Patton For Multimedia Project

Alan MooreBearded comics mega-star Alan Moore has an all-new recording project on the way as part of a new collaboration with spoken word artist Adam Drucker and Faith No More Singer Mike Patton, among others. The "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta" writer, who is no stranger to the recording arts, laid down two hours of the same vocal talents he used to interpret Rorschach on last year's "The Mindscape of Alan Moore" DVD. This time, however, the project will be part of a partnership with U.K. label Lex Records and a list of other creators.

"It's the first volume of a series and it is definitely in the direction of an autobiography," Lex Records founder Tom Brown told Billboard. The multimedia project, including a photographic novel, Moore's two-hour audio book, and work by other recording artists is tentatively titled "Unearthing" and slated for a 2010 release date.

Moore has recorded past albums of literary and mystically explorative recordings, including his 1996 release "The Moon And Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre Of Marvels," which tread across many of the same historical and supernatural themes found in his comics projects such as "From Hell" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." And like his comics work, the new Lex Records work will have an complimentary visual elements.

"It has a score by some artists and the visual side of it is amazing," Brown explained.

Brown also indicated that Moore would be working on the follow-up volume and spoke highly of his experience with the writer, calling it "refreshing to meet somebody that important, culturally, that's really down to earth and still into the core of what they do."

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