Welcome The Robot Apocalypse With Our 'Terminator: Salvation' Reading List!

Superman Vs. TerminatorThe original "Terminator" movie instantly became a classic. Years later, "Terminator: Salvation" is the fourth movie in the franchise -- but before it even went into production there had already been dozens of stories from the "Terminator" universe told in comics and novels.

From crossovers with robots, aliens and superheroes to standalone tales that advanced the "Terminator" mythology, here are some interesting (and in some cases, bizarre) stories you might want to check out as a new robot apocalypse kicks off in theaters.

Robocop Vs. TerminatorTERMINATOR VS. ROBOCOP (Dark Horse Comics): One is a cop who died in the line of duty and was rebuilt to serve humanity. The other is a machine built to infiltrate the human race and destroy it from within.

It seems natural these two '80s film icons would eventually clash, and this comic book miniseries delivered a battle some fans still want to see translated onto the big screen.

Superman Vs. TerminatorSUPERMAN VS. THE TERMINATOR: DEATH TO THE FUTURE (DC/Dark Horse): In this strange miniseries, Superman learns of how Skynet will threaten humanity in the future and does his best to protect the lives of John and Sarah Connor.

While the plot may be lacking in a few areas, just seeing the Man of Steel sharing a scene with the infamous robot soldier will be enough for some fans to pick this up.

Alien Vs. Predator Vs. TerminatorALIEN VS. PREDATOR VS. TERMINATOR (Dark Horse): The title makes it seem ridiculous and convoluted, but trust us, readers: this story is actually very good.

If you’ve never seen the films any of these characters have starred in, it explains what you need to know. And if you have watched all the films with these guys, you will be startled by how seamlessly the story is able to connect all these characters into one cohesive plot that makes you feel as if they always belonged together anyway. So, check it out already!

Painkiller Jane Vs. TerminatorPAINKILLER JANE VS. TERMINATOR: A TIME TO KILL (Dynamite Entertainment): This recent crossover featured the super-powered cop Painkiller Jane, who's forced to face off against a female Terminator programmed to destroy her.

A surprisingly fun homage to the first two Terminator films, this story is full of lots of action, witty interaction, and plenty of eye candy.

T2: InfiltratorT2: INFILTRATOR (Harper Entertainment): An interesting twist on the Terminator concept, this novel by S. M. Stirling (the first of a trilogy) took place six years after the events of "T2."

The Connors have to deal with a new Terminator infiltrator unit, one that isn’t a machine but a human raised by Skynet and given cyborg enhancements. Joining the Connors in this story is a new unexpected ally, Austrian counter-terrorist Dieter von Rossbach, the man whom the T-800 will be based on years later.

Any "Terminator" stories you'd like to see on the list? Let us know what we missed in the comment section!

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