Stan Lee's 'Nick Ratchet' Headed To The Big Screen

Stan LeeStan Lee might have changed the face of comic books with his many Marvel superhero creations such as Spider-Man and the X-Men, but even in his twilight years, the legendary creator continues to have some tricks up his sleeve.

An all-new genre character of Lee's creation is coming to the big screen by way of a partnership between Disney and Lee's POW Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project will be based on "Nick Ratchet," a high-concept detective story based on an idea of Lee's with Richard LaGravenese attached to direct.

According to the report, "Nick Ratchet" is a mystery story that focuses on "a Jekyll & Hyde struggle between a meek, ineffectual police officer and his online alter-ego, a tough avatar cop named Nick Ratchet who emerges from inside a video game to usurp the life of his creator."

The story, which sounds almost like a new-age take on Bruce Banner's struggle with the Hulk -- another of Lee's famous Marvel creations -- will be penned by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg based on Lee's initial idea. Cook and Weisberg have previously worked together on Michael Bay's "The Rock" and the Ashley Judd starring "Double Jeopardy."

Director LaGravenese, meanwhile, is the screenwriter of the Oscar-nominated "The Fisher King" starring Robin Williams. His directorial work includes 2007's "P.S. I Love You," which starred "300's" brawny lead Gerard Butler in a significantly less-naked role.

Does "Nick Ratchet" sound like a fun project? Are you pretty much in for whatever Stan Lee has in store for us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!