Will Ferrell Is Out To Get Me -- And This 'Land Of The Lost' Interview Proves It!

WARNING: This has nothing to do with comics. I just want to let readers know that Will Ferrell is trying to steal my identity -- so if I suddenly disappear, you should contact the appropriate authorities.

When it was first announced that Will Ferrell would play a character named "Rick Marshall" in the "Land of the Lost" movie, I tried to take this co-opting of my name in stride. After all, the character had been around since 1974, when the original "Land of the Lost" television series premiered, so that Rick Marshall existed a year or two before I did. If anything, I should probably be more annoyed with the other famous Rick Marshall -- the one who's the leading suspect in the Zodiac killings. (Try explaining that one when your girlfriend's parents look up your name on the 'Net.)

But the following outtake from MTV's upcoming "Behind the Screen" special (airing Sunday at 11 PM) has me thinking Ferrell is gunning for yours truly in his campaign to be the #1 Rick Marshall. Check it out:

So, Will Ferrell likes to make fun of iguanas and people who keep them as pets, does he? That's a funny coincidence, because I had a pet iguana for years before heading off to college. Yes, what a strange little coincidence indeed, Mr. Ferrell. Consider your message... received.

Seriously, though, I'm not too upset about it. (Not as long as I'm the first "Rick Marshall" that pops up in Google -- after the alleged Zodiac killer, of course.) I wish Ferrell the best in his role in the upcoming film, and I understand why he might find my life appealing. Heck, as the editor of MTV's Splash Page, I get to read comic books, watch movies, and talk to the brilliant people who create such geekery. It's a tough life.

Meanwhile, Ferrell gets to make movies, collect huge paychecks and be hilarious all the time. That might sound like fun, but I'm sure he'd much rather be this Rick Marshall. Right?


Anyways... be sure to check out this weekend's episode of "Behind the Screen," MTV's movie show that will air this Sunday at 11 PM EST on MTV. You'll be able to see the full, creature-filled interview with "Land of the Lost" stars Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, as well as an exclusive first look at the set of Russell Brand's upcoming film "Get Him to the Greek," the broadcast premiere of the new "Bruno" trailer, and an exclusive clip from Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds."

Is Will Ferrell out to get me? Should I be worried? Dare I ask you to let me know your thoughts in the comment section?