Oscar Jaenada To Play Cougar In 'The Losers'?

Oscar JaenadaThe stars are aligning for "The Losers," the big screen adaptation of the DC Comics/Vertigo maxiseries. Most of the cast has been filled out, but there's one character that's conspicuously without an actor -- that of Cougar, the black ops team's quiet but deadly expert marksman.

If we're to believe an exclusive report from Black Film, then that role has now been cast, with Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada playing the cowboyish Cougar. The young actor is largely unknown to American audiences, though he's played opposite Benicio Del Toro in Steven Soderbergh's recent two-part "Che" biopic.

The site not only reports the Cougar casting, but also mentions that earlier indications that Jason Patric will play the villainous Max are also true, as is the rumored involvement of Chris Evans. The website says that the actor "will definitely be playing Jensen," the team's sharp-witted computer expert.

The film, which will be directed by Sylvain White from a script by "Spider-Man 4" screenwriter James Vanderbilt, focuses on a group of six CIA agents that are sold down the river by their handler, Max. Led by Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), these soldiers -- known as the Losers -- work their way through the back channels to seek vengeance against their betrayer.

If Black Film's report turns out to be true, then the unfortunate loser here is Jeremy Renner. The "28 Weeks Later" actor mentioned his desire to participate in the comic book film when he spoke to MTV News, reportedly eyeballing the role of Jensen. With word circulating of Chris Evans' involvement as Jensen, some speculated that Renner could be up for Cougar instead -- but Mr. Jaenada's involvement would certainly put a bullet through that rumor.

Do you think that Jaenada is a solid choice for Cougar, or should a more recognizable actor play the part? Give us your thoughts in the comments!