Kevin Smith Has ‘No Interest’ In Working On Big-Screen Comic Book Adaptations

In a story that has become comic book movie legend, Kevin Smith was hired in the late ‘90s to write the script for a “Superman” reboot. You can hear Smith himself recount his hilarious misadventure with the Man of Steel around the 'Net, but the bottom line is that he got booted off the project. Years later, he penned a draft of “The Green Hornet” that never took off.

As always here at Splash Page HQ, we just can’t help wondering what might have been. So, when the director stopped by the office recently, we were curious to know whether Smith would ever undertake a comic book adaptation again.

“I have no interest in making those movies,” Smith told MTV News. “They look very tedious to make. It takes a talent that I just do not have. But I love to kick back and watch them.”

He went on to cite Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) and Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) among the ideal candidates to direct comic book properties. And when it came to the question of writing another script, Smith questioned the very need for a “name writer.”

“When I got hired for that ‘Superman’ gig, the first thing out of my mouth was like, ‘Why are you talking to me?’” he said. “Why don’t you talk to Dan Jurgens or somebody who works on ‘Superman?’ You’ll get a great script out of a dude who’s worked on 60 issues of ‘Superman.’ I guarantee it."

"But then it was all about, ‘Well, they’re not in movies.’ And now it’s different," continued Smith. "Now you can cherry-pick and go into a genre and be like, ‘Let’s take these dudes. They write on 'Lost.' Their episodes are good. Let’s let them write a script.’ You don’t need a cat like me. And you shouldn’t get a cat like me.”

In that sense, Smith maintains it’s “a golden age to be not just a movie fan but a comic book fan.” After all, he said, “Before I ever picked up a camera or started writing, I was just a fan.”

Should Smith reconsider his stance? What comic property out there would he be perfect for?

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