Rob Zombie Explains Delay Of 'El Superbeasto,' Fills The Air With F-Bombs

'Rob Zombie'Shortly after his mammoth graphic novel "The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto" was released by Image Comics in 2007, Scream Award-nominated director Rob Zombie told MTV News that the animated version of his "superhero monster sex comedy" was finished as well. The comics-friendly music maestro and White Zombie founder who recently contributed to the "Punisher: War Zone" soundtrack now says that the feature film's release date is still up in the air and has no problem throwing down some harsh words to express his frustrations behind the scenes.

"The movie is f---ing awesome," Zombie told SlashFilm. "[T]he f---ing behind-the-scenes stuff on that movie has been so f---ed up. You would not believe the sh-- that has been going on."

Though the horror film -- featuring such stars as Paul Giamatti, Rosario Dawson, and Danny Trejo -- had been tagged for a 2009 release, the "H2" and "Devil's Rejects" director sounded skeptical that his cartoon gore-fest would make it out to theaters by this fall.

"There are rumors about releasing it in the fall," he said. "But the company that owns 'El Superbeasto,' the problem is, that company has changed hands, like, at least five times since I started. So, every time we’re near release, it gets sold, new executives come in, and it derails the project."

Zombie still sounds as enthusiastic as ever about getting the project out in the public, however, reiterating earlier claims that his Adult Swim style take on classic looking animation meshed with blood-splattering madness will break new ground.

"It’s really unlike any movie," Zombie described. "It’s very adult. I don’t know. I like to say that it’s Scooby-Doo meets NC-17."

Have you read Rob Zombie's "El Superbeasto" graphic novel? What are your expectations for the animated feature? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!