Steve Niles' 'City of Dust' Movie Still Looking For Screenwriter, Could Produce Novelizations

'City of Dust'Last year, Radical Publishing announced a financing plan to speed many of their comic books to feature films. "30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles' "City of Dust" was on on that list, and as the writer explains, not only are the gears still in motion to produce a screenplay, but Niles' comics might also produce a spin-off series of novels, too.

"I don’t know if you’re aware of the '30 Days of Night' novels we did for Pocket Books, but we’ve done three novels and had tremendous success with them -- so I suggested doing the same thing for Phillip Khrome and 'City of Dust,'" Niles told MTV News.

The busy writer is currently shepherding several of his original properties into film adaptations, including "Freaks of the Heartland," "Wake the Dead," and a potential "30 Days of Night" sequel.

Co-author of the novelizations of "30 Days," Niles expressed a great deal of trust in Radical president and publisher Barry Levine, who is overseeing "City of Dust" as the search for a screenwriter to adapt his work continues. Of course, it helps that positive experiences in his past have made him less cautious about turning the script duties over to someone else.

"There’s some [original properties] that I definitely feel protective about and others I don’t," said Niles. "A really great case in point was '30 Days of Night.' [Screenwriter] Brian Nelson wound up coming in and doing the final draft based on the comics and my screenplay."

Besides, with his hands busy typing out stories for a number of original projects in various media, Niles doesn't exactly have the spare time to be rewriting his old work.

"Right now, I’m writing a video game, I’ve got three or four comic series going for various companies, I just completed a cartoon, I’ve got a novel due," he explained. "I mean, literally, I have about five or six documents opened on my desktop right now that I’m supposed to be hitting at any point."

Have you checked out past novelizations of Niles' work? What would you like to see make it from the "City of Dust" comics into the new screenplay? Share your thoughts in the comment section!