Steve Niles' 'Wake The Dead' Adaptation Stalled By 'The Hobbit'

Wake the Dead"30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles has a healthy lineup of Hollywood options on the table this year, from "Pineapple Express" director David Gordon Green ready to adapt his miniseries "Freaks of the Heartland" to a "30 Days" sequel possibly going direct-to-DVD soon. His modern-day Frankenstein story "Wake the Dead," however, is facing some snags as its character designers find themselves occupied with the "Hobbit" films.

"That one’s kind of at a standstill for now," Niles told MTV News of the effects of WETA's extended "Hobbit" commitment. "We just didn’t manage to get it set up as much as I had hoped."

Niles remains optimistic about the project, which has "Water Horse" director Jay Russell attached. Russell, who Niles said remains committed to "Wake the Dead," initially wanted the film to be ready by this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

"We were kind of racing against time a little with WETA because they’re about to take on 'The Hobbit' and God knows that’s going to consume all of New Zealand for the next five years," Niles explained.

As he and Russell remain vigilant, trying to push the project toward production, Niles is also looking at other alternatives -- and some of them may involve another mystery project with the director.

"We talk at least on a daily basis," Niles said. "If 'Wake the Dead' doesn’t take right now, we’ll put it aside for a little while and we might start on an original concept real soon."

Will you be disappointed if "Wake the Dead" doesn't make it into production this year? Are there any other Steve Niles comics that you would like to see Jay Russell direct as movies? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!