Five Must-Read 'Star Trek' Stories For Longtime Fans And First-Time Trekkers

'Star Trek'"Star Trek" began as a television series, but since then it has invaded all forms of media. There have been countless comic books and numerous tie-ins over the years. And so, with the new "Star Trek" movie beaming into theatres this week, here’s a look at some great reads that Trek fans -- and those new to the franchise's universe -- might want to add to their longbox or book shelf.

COUNTDOWN: This four-issue comic book miniseries was recently released in collected trade format. With a story by "Star Trek" screenwriters Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and scripted by Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, "Countdown" reads into the Star Trek universe decades after the point where the TV series “The Next Generation” left off.

Not only that, but this story directly leads into the new movie, giving fan a chance to see the rise of the villain Nero and what dealings he had with heroes such as Spock, Jean-Luc Picard and others. An enjoyable read with interesting revelations.

THE ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT: Written by fan-favorite Star Trek screenwriter D.C. Fontana (who wrote some of the most beloved episodes of the original series), “The Enterprise Experiment” shows an adventure that Kirk and his crew experienced during the fourth year of their mission.

'Star Trek'If you’re an old-school fan, there are plenty of references to the past and lots of foreshadowing of future events to enjoy. And if you’re relatively new to Trek, everyone and everything discussed is briefly explained so that you don’t feel lost.

EARLY VOYAGES: Before there was Kirk, the Enterprise was commanded by Captain Christopher Pike. This 17-issue series, collected in one large volume, shows a variety of Pike’s adventures with strange and exotic aliens. And at his side is the young and still very impressionable Mr. Spock.

ALIEN SPOTLIGHT: Curious about the different races of the Star Trek universe? Each chapter of this collection deals with a different alien race, from the blue-skinned Andorians to the green-skinned Orions, from the deadly Gorn to the mysterious Romulans. There’s also a chapter featuring Spock and his way of thinking.

'Star Trek'Tackled by a variety of writers and artists, this collection should definitely answer some questions of new fans and surprise some older fans.

SPOCK'S WORLD: A novel by Diane Duane, this book was the first to truly explore Spock’s home planet of Vulcan and touch on the beginnings of its devotion to logic.

With a look at the rise of the great Vulcan philosopher Surak, flashback scenes showing how Spock’s parents met and fell in love, and a present-day plot involving the planet Vulcan debating whether or not to leave the Federation of United Planets, this book has remained a classic years after its publication and was looked on as inspiration for some of the new movie’s story.

Any must-read "Star Trek" stories we missed? Let us know in the comment section!

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