Batman, Wolverine Top MTV's 'Superhero Power Rankings' -- Here's How They Got There!

'Wolverine vs. Batman'To some people, the big debut of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was impressive, but expected -- just another “X-Men” hit. Yet, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that Logan has now shed his superhero-group trappings, and moved into the rare stratosphere occupied by Batman, Superman and the like. It remains to be seen where the character goes from here, but it’s hard to imagine Wolverine ever relying on Storm, Cyclops and the other mutants for box-office help in the years to come.

With that in mind, I began studying comic book movies not by title, but by character. Over the course of doing so, I came up with a formula that would provide a “Power Ranking” for each hero. You can read the final results of the Superhero Power Ranking over at, but here's a breakdown of what went into those rankings.

Looking to factor in box-office success, critical acclaim and comic sales, we assembled these four categories:

- Opening weekend of every movie the character has been in (since “Wolverine” is so new, we won’t know its full take for awhile)

- Number of Oscar nominations the films have received (big surprise -- Batman kicked butt here)

- The Tomatometer ranking (the higher the number between 1-100, the better it was reviewed by critics)

- The number of times a comic starring the character placed #1 in the charts, dating back to September 1996 (based on the list here)

Although I’m not a mathematician or anything, I added up each category and multiplied them, and we got the numbers that you can see in our article. And in my opinion, they seem pretty accurate with Batman, Spider-Man and Superman at the top and Wolverine closing in.

Hopefully, we’ll revisit the formula in the months to come as additional superhero movies come out. If any aspiring mathematicians/geeks out there have suggestions on how to tweak the Power rankings, please post them below.

What do you guys think? Do our Power Rankings do a decent job of reflecting where these characters stand right now in Hollywood and on the comic shelves? If not, who do you think should be higher or lower?