EXCLUSIVE: 'Wanted' Screenwriter Chris Morgan Explains His Departure From 'Wanted 2’

'Wanted 2'Last month, it came as a bit of surprise that a new screenwriter would be brought in to script the sequel to "Wanted," 2008's live-action adaptation of Mark Millar and J.G. Jones' comic book series. The studio's choice of "Pooh's Heffalump" writer Evan Spiliotopoulos as the scribe for the next chapter of the violent, R-rated tale came as an even bigger surprise.

While Millar has already seen fit to voice his support for Spiliotopoulos' role in crafting the "Wanted 2" story, I spoke to original "Wanted" screenwriter Chris Morgan to get some details on why the change was made.

"I'm actually still involved with 'Wanted,'" Morgan told MTV News, explaining that his current workload made it necessary for him to step aside from primary writing duties on the film. However, he'll still have input on the sequel's creative development -- which includes the "global" angle to the story he revealed last year.

"We knew we wanted to do 'Wanted 2,' so we started developing a take and came up with a story that's pretty good and develops the characters," said Morgan. "But in the process of developing it, I also had commitments to 'Gears of War' and the samurai movie I'm doing at Universal."

According to Morgan, Spiliotopoulos will provide the script for the story initially envisioned during the "Wanted 2" planning process, and Morgan will return later to consult and provide any rewrites that might be necessary.

"Evan is going to go ahead and write the story that we came up with and I’m probably going to come on later," said Morgan. "So, I’m still part of the process, but I didn’t want to hold up the 'Wanted' production schedule."

"It’s all good," said Morgan of the change-up. "I’m actually really excited about ['Wanted 2']."

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