Kevin Grevioux To Adapt 'The Pale Horsemen' As Writer And Director

'Pale Horsemen'If it feels like the announcement of Kevin Grevioux's "I, Frankenstein" graphic novel undergoing the movie treatment was only a few weeks ago, that's because it was -- and the hot streak is only getting hotter for the "Underworld" co-creator.

Variety reports that a film version of Grevioux's graphic novel "The Pale Horsemen" is being produced by Nehst Studios. Keeping it entirely within the family -- or, more accurately, within himself -- Grevioux will direct the film based on a self-penned script.

"The Pale Horsemen," which was published through Grevioux's own DarkStorm Studios, focuses on a former hit man named Sean Massen who becomes the leader of an NSA sponsored assassin squad. The group, appropriately called the Pale Horsemen, is handled by psychiatrist and ex-operative Dr. Roman Gage.

DarkStorm Studios' official website has 10 preview pages from "The Pale Horsemen" for prospective fans to acquaint themselves with. The artwork samples are without dialogue, but they nonetheless provide insight into the book's shadowy tone and visuals.

Grevioux is no stranger to Hollywood, having previously written the screenplay for the original "Underworld" film. He also starred in the film and has penned several "Underworld" comic book spin-offs.

"The Pale Horsemen" marks Grevioux's first foray as a film director, but his movie success doesn't end there -- two of Grevioux's other graphic novels, "ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction" and the aforementioned "I, Frankenstein," are being developed for film properties. The only question now is which of his adaptations will be released first?

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