Can Gambit And Rogue Connect After 'Wolverine'? Taylor Kitsch Talks Team-Up With Anna Paquin

GambitActor Taylor Kitsch thinks his "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" character Gambit would be prime fodder for a solo spin-off movie, even if the mutant isn't making a return for "X-Men: First Class." The "Friday Night Lights" star already shared his proposal for a darker take on Gambit, but he has a few thoughts on bringing the ragin' Cajun face to face with his comic book love interest Rogue, played in previous X-Men films by Anna Paquin.

"There are two things with that -- she's such a great actress and I'd love to work with her, and that would be cool to see Gambit and Rogue," Kitsch told MTV News.

Just because he is open to turning Gambit and Rogue into an on-screen romance doesn't mean he wants Remy LeBeau to stay tied down, however. Much like Wolverine, Gambit comes from a drifter's background, and Kitsch is extremely conscious of that.

"I'd also like to see the charming Gambit on his own and see how he is with other women -- see how he is with the women in the casino there, with the charm and the suave and the effortlessness it takes with him," he explained. "That's something I'd like to explore as well."

If a "Gambit" movie focused on his life with the Thieves Guild, of course, there is every chance it could focus on his first love, Bella Donna Boudreaux, who came from the Thieves' rival Assassins Guild. Whoever's lips he's kissing, though, you can bet Kitsch will be all ears if there is a spin-off to be made.

What aspects of Gambit's life would you like to see explored if he were to get his own film? Do you think Taylor Kitsch and Anna Paquin would click on the screen as a couple? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!