Ben Templesmith Reveals The Tone And Casting He'd Like To See In 'Welcome To Hoxford' Adaptation

Welcome to HoxfordBack in March, we brought you the news that writer/artist Ben Templesmith’s horror tale “Welcome to Hoxford” was picked up for big-screen adaptation by the production company of writer/director Chris Columbus. Since there haven't been any official updates regarding the project thus far, I checked in with Templesmith to get his take on how a "Hoxford" movie would look, and who he envisions playing some of the lead roles.

"Well if it were me -- and let's be clear it's definitely not up to me -- you'd need someone who can really play with visuals and would be willing to use a lot less CGI and a lot more prosthetics/puppetry," said Templesmith of the type of director he'd like to see on the film.

"I was heavily influenced on the creature side by the bad critters from 'The Dark Crystal'" he continued. "But the book is pretty dark with a little nasty humour thrown in, so if they can keep that tone, I'd be happy."

As for the cast responsible for bringing his characters to life, Templesmith name-checked a variety of actors familiar to anyone following the geek beat.

"I always saw someone like Katee Sackhoff [Starbuck in "Battlestar Galatica"] as Dr. Ainley or, in my dreams, Winona Ryder," Templesmith told MTV News. "The main delusional character obviously has a bit of a Riddick vibe, and I do love Vin Diesel's voice, but really I have no idea on him."

"I would say Lance Henrikson would make an awesome leader of the wolf pack," he added.

The award-winning creator (who recently contributed a Splash Page guest blog on the nature of horror in comics) also shared some thoughts about his creative process with regard to characters. Having one big comics-to-movie project behind him now in the form of "30 Days of Night" (which he co-created with writer Steve Niles), Templesmith said the experience has changed the way he approaches comics now.

"I always think of actors now, or at least their voices, as I do characters in the comics," said Templesmith. "'Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse,' my other book, has had the voice of Gary Oldman with his native accent for a few years now!"

Who do you think is best suited to play the characters in "Welcome to Hoxford"? What about some of Templesmith's other projects, like "Fell"?

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