EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: IDW's 'Fallen Angel' Gets 'Reborn' With Joss Whedon Character Cameo

'Fallen Angel: Reborn'IDW Publishing's comic book series "Fallen Angel" will be returning this July after a six-month hiatus, but the hero of the series won't be making her triumphant return to comic shop shelves alone -- she'll be joined by a very special guest from the world of fan-favorite creator Joss Whedon.

After completing its previous run in January, the "Fallen Angel" series co-created by writer Peter David will return in a few months for a four-part story titled, appropriately enough, "Fallen Angel: Reborn." Along with bringing back Liandra, the hero of the series, the new arc will also feature the depowered demon Illyria from the "Angel" television series. Played by actress Amy Acker in the TV series, Illyria is a demon who played a significant role in the final season of "Angel" -- and if the preview is any indication, she's likely to cause some big problems for the "Fallen Angel" regulars, too.

Read on for more details about the series, as well as a five-page, unlettered preview of "Fallen Angel: Reborn," featuring interior and cover art by J.K. Woodard.

“When Peter and I approached Joss [Whedon] about using Illyria for this storyline, he was gracious enough to accept,” said IDW’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “This is a story Peter has wanted to tell for years, and now he’ll finally get his chance, with the fans the beneficiaries.”

"Fallen Angel" was originally published by DC comics back in 2003, but moved to IDW in 2005, where it enjoyed a 33-issue run. The dark, adult-oriented series follows a demoted angel named Liandra who doles out justice for the city of Bete Noire's inhabitants.

'Fallen Angel: Reborn'

Click on the image above for an exclusive, five-page preview of "Fallen Angel: Reborn" by Peter David and J.K. Woodard.

“Fallen Angel has been an important part of our last five years, and it’s great to revive the book as IDW starts our second decade of existence,” said Ryall. “Peter and J.K. really produced something special before and we’re happy to have them back for this next go-round.”

According to IDW, the "Fallen Angel" arc occurs late in Season Five of "Angel," just after Illyria has been depowered by Whedon's popular vampire and his team.

"That depowerment is a major plot point for this four-part series," teased the publisher.

"This is the first time that one of Joss’s characters has appeared outside of the ‘Whedon-verse,’ and I’m pleased that he and the folks at Mutant Enemy have trusted us to do right by her,” wrote David in the official announcement of the series. “To that end, I’ve worked hard to make the book as accessible as possible to all readers. If this series will be your first exposure to the world of the Fallen Angel, no problem: Illyria is likewise a newcomer to Bete Noire, the Fallen Angel’s home, so you’ll be experiencing it right along with her."

"On the other hand, if you’re unfamiliar with Illyria, we bring you up to speed with a sort of ‘Lord of the Rings’ prologue opening, which features some of the best work that J.K. has ever done," continued David. "So either way, you’re covered.”

"Fallen Angel: Reborn" #1 will be hit shelves in July, with the second issue arriving in August.

For more on "Fallen Angel" and IDW Publishing, head over to the publisher's official website.

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