A 'Cable And Deadpool' Movie? 'Wolverine' Star Ryan Reynolds Explains How It Could Happen!

'Cable and Deadpool'Now that Deadpool has already teamed up with Wolverine, Sabretooth and Gambit, what other popular mutants might Wade Wilson go mouth-to-fist against in his own spin-off film? If Ryan Reynolds has his way, there are plenty of characters to choose from.

"There are all kinds of villains," Reynolds told MTV News during a "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" press event. "You've got Black Tom -- all kinds of characters that you could really make great use of."

Black Tom, the villainous cousin of the heroic mutant known as Banshee, is just one of many bad guys that could find their way into a 'Deadpool' solo film. But there's at least one specific character that Reynolds would love to see go against Deadpool -- the futuristic soldier called Cable.

"The 'Deadpool/Cable' stuff is great," the actor remarked. "I've never really cast that character in my head. He's such a complicated character."

Cable, the white-haired telepathic X-Man, has one of the more complicated histories in comic books -- in fact, some would even call his past convoluted at best. As the future-born son of Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops, Cable has a history that's confused both comic readers and characters alike for the better part of two decades -- which is why Reynolds says the character deserves his own solo film before tangoing with Deadpool.

"I wish they would do a 'Cable' movie first, just to explain the guy," Reynolds said. "And then they could do a 'Deadpool vs. Cable' kind of thing."

Reynolds' desire might be closer to reality than you'd think. When Marvel recently announced their initiative to hire writing staffs for feature films, "Cable" was name-dropped as one property that the company plans to develop. Perhaps an on-screen Deadpool/Cable confrontation isn't that far away!

Who would you cast as Cable for the big-screen? Would you want to see the futuristic telepath get his own solo feature or is it best to drop him into a 'Deadpool' spin-off? Give us your thoughts in the comments!