A 'Deadpool' Musical? Ryan Reynolds Talks Solo Spin-Off For 'Wolverine' Merc

DeadpoolNow that the word is out that Deadpool and Weapon XI are one and the same in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" -- a significant, less mouthy departure from the comic books in more ways than one -- it's natural to wonder how a faithful "Deadpool" spin-off movie could ever occur. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds is dreaming up some ideas.

"I'm thinking musical -- Rated 'R' musical," Reynolds joked with MTV News. "It hasn't been done. Deadpool singing, dancing... dancing girls..."

Even though he's kidding, that idea isn't too far off -- in order to make a successful "Deadpool" movie, you have to break down the fourth wall, according to Reynolds.

"Is it a fractured narrative, does it take place in the present, future and past -- I feel like that's the way to do a 'Deadpool' movie," Reynolds described. "You definitely have to break the fourth wall and you have to find a way to make that make sense, which is no small feat. So it would involve a really talented writer, an amazing visionary director and I think a great collaboration between everybody passionate about this character."

That passion part of it is the key for Reynolds, said the actor. Unless the entire creative team is on board with making a very faithful adaptation of the character, Reynolds has no interest in pursuing a spin-off film.

"I've made no secret about my desire to do a 'Deadpool' movie, but if you're going to do it, it would have to be 100% faithful to its origins," explained the actor. "To stay as true to the source material as possible is the only way to do it, and I say that because there's nothing more interesting than the source material for Deadpool. There's no reason to deviate from that."

Given his stance on staying true to the character, how does Reynolds feel about the changes made to Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"?

"They deviated [from Deadpool's origins] in a movie like 'Wolverine' because the movie is called 'Wolverine' and they have to make concessions and adjustments -- and I totally understand that," said Reynolds. "But if I were going to do a 'Deadpool' movie, I would want to be pretty strict about keeping it real."

Do you agree or disagree with Reynolds' thoughts on a "Deadpool" spin-off film? Is that something you'd want to see? Mouth off in the comments!

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