'Wolverine' Star Taylor Kitsch Says 'Gambit' Solo Movie Should Return To The Thieves Guild

GambitHugh Jackman headlines "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" when it opens around the U.S. this week, but it's on the shoulders of Taylor Kitsch to convince Fox to bring Gambit back to the big screen.

The X-Men's resident thief and sharp-tongued Cajun has long been a fan favorite in comic books, and now Kitsch has high hopes for the character on film. He even has suggestions for where Fox could take the character in a "Gambit" solo film.

"I would love to go darker," Kitsch told MTV News. "[Gambit] in Vegas was fun, but I want to go into the Thieves Guild part of his story."

Kitsch's concept would delve into Remy LeBeau's shady, streetwise past, part of the hero's alluring mystique dating back before his time as one of the X-Men in the comics. And that side of Gambit is what interests the "Friday Night Lights" actor the most.

"How cool would it be to see him stealing things to survive because the stakes are so high?" Kitsch proposed. "Of course, as an actor, I'm always going to the darker side, but for him that would just be way more intriguing."

Until the studio signs off, though, the "Gambit" movie will have to remain fan fiction in Kitsch's mind.

"Come on, Fox," he urged. "Let's do it."

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" kicked off the action blockbuster season last night in Tempe, AZ. Keep it locked to Splash Page today for a report on the premiere event.

Would you like to see a "Gambit" movie spin out of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"? What do you think of Taylor Kitsch's job playing the character? Sound off in the comment section below!