Evan Rachel Wood Says 'Nothing's Definite' About Playing Mary Jane In 'Spider-Man' Musical

Evan Rachel WoodThe "Spider-Man" musical hasn't even opened, but is the dark already turned off for Evan Rachel Wood? In March, the young actress told MTV News that she'd completed a run-through for the upcoming "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark," but then came word that casting was underway for the role of Mary Jane Watson, Spidey's love interest and Wood's alleged role in the musical.

MTV News tracked down the actress to shed some light on her uncertain status with "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark." Apparently, while Wood has her sights set on playing Peter Parker's fire-haired girlfriend, it appears that nothing is set in stone.

"Nothing's definite yet, but that's the plan," Wood told MTV News when asked whether she'll play the role of Mary Jane. "I'm doing everything I can to make sure that happens. I think it's going to happen."

Although Wood's involvement in the "Spider-Man" musical is less certain now than it was a month ago, the actress knew enough about the project to share some insights about the production.

"[Director Julie Taymor] is bringing it to a whole different level," said Wood. "It's just like with 'The Lion King.' You wonder what she's going to do with 'The Lion King,' and then you see it and it's beyond belief. ['Spider-Man'] is not going to be a singing guy in tights -- it's more like a rock and roll circus show."

As for whether or not "Turn Off The Dark" will follow any previous "Spider-Man" storylines -- be it one of Sam Raimi's movies or a Stan Lee-inspired plot -- Wood warns that you shouldn't hold your breath.

"If Julie's going to make something, she's going to make it her own," hinted Wood.

Do you want to see Evan Rachel Wood on Broadway as Mary Jane, or should the role go to an unknown actress? Let us know your casting suggestions in the comments!

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