'Transformer 2’ Star Tyrese Gibson Announces 'Mayhem' Comic Book

Tyrese GibsonNot content to work merely in music, modeling and movies -- including this summer's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," Tyrese Gibson will add comic books to his repertoire this summer as he launches his new superhero limited series "Mayhem" through Image Comics.

In an official press release, Gibson summarized "Mayhem" as the gritty adventures of a masked, gun-slinging vigilante battling a mysterious crime lord for control of Los Angeles. The creative team consists of Gibson, Mike Le ("Don't Forget to Validate Your Parking") and William Wilson ("Urban Monsters"), with art by Tone Rodriguez ("Urban Monsters," "1001 Arabian Nights"). Read on for more details about the series, including the debut issue's cover.

A newcomer to comic creation, Gibson credits a promotional visit to Comic-Con International in San Diego last year as his main inspiration.

"I have always been open minded to new things, and I’ve said this a few times: I’m no comic book veteran, but when I went to Comic-Con to promote 'Death Race,' that energy out there really did something to me. I had no idea…So that’s when I decided I wanted to not only be a part of this world, but I wanna create something that I know the die hard comic book followers out there would appreciate," wrote Gibson.


Acknowledging comic fans' skepticism of celebrity creators, Gibson praised their choosiness as protection against inferior works and assured that "Mayhem" wasn't conceived as some kind of intellectual property generator.

"'Mayhem' is a true passion project of mine. Right now, I am not worried about the movie, the merchandising, or other ancillary rights that will naturally follow. All I care about is making the best comic book title possible for readers to enjoy," he explained.

What do you think Splash Page readers? Will "Mayhem" live up to the hype, or is it just another celebrity comic book? Sound off in the comments.