'Hack/Slash' Director Todd Lincoln To Helm 'The Nye Incidents' Adaptation

'The Nye Incidents'Comic books and horror films are both experiencing a surge in popularity these days, and it looks like the two genres will mingle in a recently optioned property titled "The Nye Incidents."

Variety reports that the Devil's Due graphic novel "The Nye Incidents," written by Whitley Strieber, is headed to the big screen courtesy of Warner Brothers' horror label, Dark Castle. Todd Lincoln, the director of the upcoming "Hack/Slash" adaptation -- also a DDP property -- is set to helm the picture.

Claiming to be inspired by true events, "The Nye Incidents" focuses on an acutely rational medical examiner named Lynn Devlin who is shaken by the grizzly deaths of purported alien abductees. Haunted by visions of the oval-eyed creatures, Devlin sets out to investigate the murders of Nye County's alien abduction victims.

Writer Whitley Strieber describes the novel thusly: "[It] is a mechanism designed to defeat fear by turning it into entertainment, and enable the reader to see behind the fear that creates the denial, and embrace the reality that, yes, this is terrifying, and we are very alone out here lost in the stars, but also, there is good to be [had], and wonder at hand."

Strieber co-wrote the graphic novel alongside Craig Spector, with Aadi Salman providing art duties. He previously wrote "Communion," another novel focusing on alien abductions, as well as "The Coming Global Superstorm" which inspired "The Day After Tomorrow."

Todd Lincoln, the film's director, is mostly experienced in directing short films, but Devil's Due has previously exhibited confidence in the filmmaker by allowing him to direct "Hack/Slash," one of the publisher's hottest commodities. "Hack/Slash," still in development, recently underwent some controversy with the announcement of "Eve," a film that has heavy similarities to "Hack/Slash."

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