'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Charlie Hunnam Screen-Tested For 'Thor'

Charlie HunnamThere have been a number of "Thor" rumors lately -- specifically, who wants the part and who is out of the running. While no official word has been made one way or the other -- thanks in large to the film's delayed release date -- Marvel is definitely eyeballing contenders for the Asgardian warrior.

Charlie Hunnam, one of the stars of FX's "Sons of Anarchy," is one such contender, according to IGN. The actor confirmed that not only is he up for the leading role in "Thor," he's actually screen-tested for the part.

"Hunnam didn't know what the status of the casting was but said that his people have been talking to Marvel," reports IGN. "He believes that since Marvel pushed the start date of 'Thor' back a few months the studio is taking its time to make the best decision for the film."

But development is clearly ongoing, as Hunnam himself has participated in a screen test for the movie. When IGN asked the actor if he ran around with a hammer and helmet for the screen test, Hunnam reportedly described the scene as "[something] like that."

Hunnam has been mentioned as a rumored competitor for Marvel's God of Thunder before. Deadline Hollywood Daily previously named Hunnam in a large list of contenders, which included the now unlikely Alexander Skarsgård and Josh Hartnett for the lead role.

Hartnett, however, is widely believed to be taking on the mischievous Loki, though it's possible that Natalie Portman's rumored involvement could portend a female version of Loki, similar to the current Marvel Comics iteration.

Whether it's Hunnam, Hartnett, Skarsgard or someone else entirely that lands the role, expect Marvel to bestow the winged helmet and mighty Mjolnir to one very lucky actor in the not-too-distant future.

How would Hunnam do as the God of Thunder? Would you prefer someone more recognizable in the role? Strike lightning in the comments!