Larry David As Vulture? Robert Pattinson As Morbius? Spidey Editor's 'Spider-Man 4’ Picks

Steve WackerWhile chatting with Marvel Comics' Spider-Man editor, Steve Wacker, about "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween" (written by "Saturday Night Live" regulars Bill Hader and Seth Meyers and previewed here on Splash Page yesterday), the conversation turned to the famous wall-crawler's return to the big screen. Naturally, I had to ask Marvel's go-to Spidey guy who he'd like to see Peter Parker battle in "Spider-Man 4."

"I like The Vulture," Wacker told MTV News. "The flying around would be cool, and if you cast Larry David in that role, I'll watch forever -- even if it's just a beginning fight, with Spider-Man beating on Larry David with wings."

"Morbius would be awesome, but who do you put in that?" added Wacker. "I guess you put the guy from 'Twilight,' right?"

However, Wacker later corrected himself, saying that instead of Vulture and Morbius, Kraven the Hunter was actually the perfect villain for Spider-Man to take on in the next film.

"'Kraven's Last Hunt,'" responded Wacker when asked what storyline he'd like to see in the next film. "If there's a villain that should be in the movie, it should be Kraven, and the movie should be 'Kraven's Last Hunt.'"

Think Marvel's Spider-Man editor is on to something here? Who would you like to see in the next film?