EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Bill Hader & Seth Meyers Of 'SNL' Take On 'Spider-Man: The Short Halloween'

'Spider-Man: The Short Halloween'Back in February, we brought you the news of an upcoming collaboration between Marvel Comics and "Saturday Night Live" regulars Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, titled "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween." The single-issue story promised to take a tongue-in-cheek look at the misadventures of a costumed party-goer mistaken for the real wallcrawler and kidnapped by Spider-Man's foes.

Along with an original story by the comics-savvy "SNL" duo, "The Short Halloween" features art by Kevin Maguire -- the man who helped put the "funny" back in funnybooks during the late '80s alongside another comedic duo, "Justice League" writers Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis.

To get the scoop on "The Short Halloween," I spoke to Marvel's go-to guy for all things webslinger, Spider-Man group editor Stephen Wacker. Read on for an exclusive, 10-page preview of "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween" (sans lettering), as well as all the details from our conversation about Marvel's upcoming "SNL" team-up.

"As most things do, it started over drinks," Wacker told MTV News when asked how the collaboration kicked off. According to the Marvel editor, Hader and Meyers attended a recent Marvel holiday party, one thing led to another, and months later, a Spidey one-shot was born.

While there was no shortage of respect for each other's work ("I just wanted to talk about 'SNL,' and they just wanted to talk about comics," said Wacker), the editor said the duo had no problem making the transition from television to comics.

"It will often take a round of notes or two before someone really starts keying in ... but they got it the first time," said Wacker, who explained that the pair's busy schedule was only one of the factors that prevented "The Short Halloween" from hitting shelves closer to the 2008 holiday. The desire to bring in Maguire played heavily into the project's timeline, as the entire creative team agreed that the former "Justice League" artist was the perfect fit for "The Short Halloween."

'Spider-Man: The Short Halloween'

Click on the image above for an exclusive preview of "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween," due to hit shelves May 13.

While Wacker warned of Maguire's affinity for sneaking things into the background of panels that even the most eagle-eyed editor could miss, one thing the story won't feature is a cameo by any of the "SNL" regulars.

"The thought of being able to do a story where Spider-Man teams up with the cast of 'SNL' like they did in the '70s, it would take us a year just to work the paperwork out," laughed Wacker. "But the non-costume characters [in the story] are just as important as the costumed characters."

As for future collaborations, Wacker teased that there could be more Marvel projects in the works for the comics-friendly "SNL" team.

"They have another idea for a Daredevil story and we've talked about doing more Spider-Man stuff -- but Bill is in another movie every week now, and Seth, as the head writer, has even more responsibility," said Wacker. "So I don't know how quickly it will turn around, but I'd love it."

"Spider-Man: The Short Halloween" will hit shelves May 13, featuring a story by the "Saturday Night Live" team of Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, and art by by Kevin Maguire. You can also check out our preview of "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween" here on MTV.com.

What do you think of "The Long Halloween," folks? Planning to pick this one up? Looking forward to the one-two funnybone punch of "SNL" and Kevin Maguire? Sound off in the comment section!