Warren Ellis' Animated 'G.I. Joe: Resolute' Debuts With A Bang... Lots Of Them!

'G.I. Joe: Resolute'Last week, we brought you the news that Adult Swim's mature-themed, Warren Ellis-penned G.I. Joe cartoon series "G.I. Joe: Resolute" was set to hit airwaves and the InterWebs over the weekend. What we failed to mention was, for us hardcore Joe fans out there, this series looks to be the the animated epic we've all been waiting for ahead of this summer's "G.I. Joe" feature film.

While we can't bring you the two episodes currently running on Adult Swim's website, we can at least show you the trailer for the series after the jump and recap what happened in Episodes 1 & 2. (Spoiler Warning!)

Offering something for both the old school fans as well as newcomers to the Real American Heroes, Episode 1 opens with the first death of a major character, Sebastian Bludd, a.k.a. Major Bludd. Soon thereafter, a series of attacks take place (including a massive explosion on that crown jewel of '80s toys, the USS Flagg, and the death of Joe team member Bazooka), all leading up to Cobra Commander's dramatic first appearance as a hologram at the United Nations. And just to show that he ain't that hissing laughingstock we all remember from the cartoons, he goes ahead and levels Moscow.

While most of that might seem like standard Joe-fare, Episode 2 should quiet any haters -- as that's when fan favorite Snake-Eyes makes his debut and does what he does best, infiltrating a COBRA island base in whats sure to be a legendary toe-to-toe with Storm Shadow. I can't really give the episode justice describing just how ridiculously bad-ass Snake-Eyes is so far -- just do yourself a huge favor and check it out.

Episodes 3 & 4 debut tonight, all leading up to the series finale on April 25.

Did you watch the first two episodes of "G.I. Joe: Resolute?" What did you think? Let's hear some feedback in the comments.