Comic Book Publishers On Twitter: A Roundup Of Who's Counting Characters [UPDATED!]

TwitterWith Oprah and Ashton Kutcher finding their way to Twitter recently, it's pretty clear that our favorite little microblogging platform has achieved a new level of mainstream acceptance -- and possibly jumped the shark (or "Fail Whale") along the way. While I'll leave it to my MTV colleagues to join the ranks of O's subscribers, the occasion does provide a good opportunity to point out that there are a lot of Twitter feeds that comic book fans new to Twitter (or looking to update their subscriptions) might find interesting.

Along with MTV Splash Page on Twitter, there are quite a few comic book publishers who also have a presence (albeit somewhat inactive in some cases) on Twitter. After the jump, we've posted a roundup of some of the prominent Twitter-savvy publishers of print comics on our radar.

Click on each company's name to check out their Twitter feed:

Avatar Press

Boom Studios

Dark Horse Comics

DC Comics

Devil's Due Publishing


IDW Publishing

Marvel Comics

Oni Press

Radical Publishing

Slave Labor Graphics

Top Cow




In addition to the publishers we've listed here, you can always follow the rest of the MTV crew on Twitter via the following feeds:



MTV Movies Blog

MTV Multiplayer Blog

MTV Splash Page

So, did I miss anyone? It's a wide, wide World-Wide Web, so feel free to let me know in the comment section if there's a publisher on Twitter that I left out of the list.

Heck, if you want to make sure I get the message, go ahead and drop me a line on Twitter yourself!