EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Updates 'Heavy Metal' Status, Hints At Story He'll Direct

'Heavy Metal'Sure, he may have just delivered the big screen adaptation comic fans have been itching to see for decades with "Watchmen," but hopefully someone told director Zack Snyder that us comic and movie fans are an insatiable bunch. After all, the blood on the Comedian's pin isn't even dry yet, and we're already asking him about his future funnybook forays: namely, his "Heavy Metal" team-up with co-directors David Fincher and Gore Verbinski that re-imagines the classic, adult-themed animated epic.

"'Heavy Metal,' is coasting," Snyder told MTV News of the in-development project. "I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m excited about it. I love ‘Heavy Metal,’ if that happens it’ll be great.”

When last we checked in on "Heavy Metal," we asked co-director Fincher if he had any particular stories from the original films or comic magazine he'd like to tackle, to which he mentioned that Snyder had already set his sights on one story in particular. Since it's not every day you get to sit down with the geek-approved director, we decided to ask Snyder point-blank what twisted tale that would be.

"[Fincher, Verbinski and I] talked about certain segments, it’s nothing that you would know from the magazine," hinted Snyder. "It’s a special little one-off thing but it’s pretty cool, that’s all I can really say about it."

Are you looking forward to Snyder and Co.'s take on "Heavy Metal?" What other directors would yu like to see join the production? Let's hear some chatter in the comments.