Full 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Helicopter Scene Goes Online With Pizza Promo

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'We've seen bits and pieces of Logan's battle with a military helicopter in the various "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" trailers making the rounds online, but now you can watch the full scene online.

Available over at the Papa Johns website, the new "Wolverine" movie scene features a motorcycle-riding Logan dispatching a military truck, then going airborne to get up close and personal with a pursuing helicopter. The purveyor of pizza is one of the big sponsors of the film, and managed to land a pretty impressive piece of footage with the new clip.

Along with playing host to the new "Wolverine" clip, Papa Johns is also running a movie promotion that, according to reports, allows you to order a special "Wolverine"-themed pizza. They even have special pizzas styled to the tastes of Wolverine ("The Works"), Sabretooth ("The Meats") and Gambit ("Garden Fresh"?!).

Yes, for those wishing to plan an entire dinner around the ol' Canucklehead's big-screen debut, this means that you can order a "Wolverine" pizza and wash it down with "Wolverine"-themed Slushee, too. It's probably worth noting that this might not be the best way to get yourself in the same physical condition as Wolverine -- but I digress. (And this is definitely not the "Iron Man 2" diet, that's for sure.)

What did you think of the new c"wolverine" clip? And what about all of this "wolverine" marketing, eh? Have any thoughts? Share 'em!