Eminem Teams Up With The Punisher... Dresses Like Him, Too

Eminem'In one of the least expected team-ups since "Archie Meets The Punisher," Marvel Comics' resident skull-chested, gun-happy vigilante will now cross paths with 2009 MTV Movie Awards performer Eminem. In connection with the release of his new album "Relapse," which comes out on May 19, the hip-hop artist known as Slim Shady will appear in a comic book titled "Eminem/Punisher: Kill You." The story will be split into two parts, beginning in paper for the June issue of XXL Magazine.

Eminem donned Frank Castle's trademark skull-on-black garb for his XXL appearance, which includes several images from the musician's Punisher-themed photo shoot. (Check out the full cover image after the jump.)

No stranger to comics, Slim Shady's likeness previously appeared in the pages of "Wanted," the Top Cow miniseries that inspired 2008's James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie movie. Artist J.G. Jones used him as a visual inspiration for McAvoy's character Wesley Gibson. This time, however, Eminem will be playing himself, and butting heads with one of the most notorious gunslingers in comics.

Eminem in XXL

Between the comic and the cover, Em gets to both meet The Punisher and be The Punisher. XXL doesn't mention what the book will be rated -- or if it will receive a rating -- but if it's done in the Garth Ennis-style script that The Punisher works so well in, Frank Castle and Eminem fans alike should hope for some hilariously foul exchanges.

What do you think of Eminem's Punisher wardrobe? What do you imagine the verbal exchanges would be like if he actually ran into Frank Castle on the street? Offer up your thoughts in the comment section below!