'Brotherhood' Creator To Adapt '2 Guns' Graphic Novel For Big Screen

'2 Guns'Comic book movies are about as rare as oxygen these days, from superhero fare like "Iron Man 2" to lesser-known properties such as "American Jesus." Today, you can add one more to the latter pile -- and from the title, it sounds like a double-barreled doozy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boom Studios' graphic novel "2 Guns" is heading for the big screen. Blake Masters, the creator of the Showtime series "Brotherhood," will adapt the comic book for Universal.

"2 Guns" focuses on Trench and Steadman, a deep-cover DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer, respectively. The two are tricked into believing that they are stealing mob money for the good guys, but actually wind up robbing $50 million from the CIA. As a result, the unlikely duo is forced to combat mobsters and federal agents alike while they race to clear their names.

THR describes "2 Guns" as a throwback to the classic buddy cop movies of the '80s along the lines of "Lethal Weapon" and "48 HRS." In the solicitation for the graphic novel, however, BOOM! describes the book as a "lightning-paced, plot-rich crime thriller for fans of Elmore Leonard, Ocean's 11 and the Italian Job." In light of the "Ocean's 11" mention, an actor combination along the lines of Casey Affleck and Scott Caan might work very well for "2 Guns."

Masters, who will head up the adaptation of the graphic novel, previously dealt with issues of espionage and crime in Showtime's now defunct "Brotherhood." As creator of the show, Masters fulfilled roles not only as a writer but also as a director. There's no word on whether Masters will write and direct "2 Guns," or if he'll only perform one of those functions.

For those who haven't read or even heard of "2 Guns," BOOM! Studios has the entire graphic novel available online. Check it out and let us know if you think it'll make for a good film!