EXCLUSIVE: 'Green Hornet' Director Michel Gondry Reveals New Fight Filming Techniques

Michel GondryEver since Seth Rogen told us about the top-secret fight scene that director Michel Gondry shot with his own money as an audition for “The Green Hornet” movie, I’ve been dying to know what visual tricks the distinctive filmmaker has up his sleeve. Now, Gondry is finally talking about the groundbreaking technique he’ll be bringing to the film.

“It was not elaborate,” Gondry modestly began the MTV News interview. “I’m glad [Rogen is even] paying any attention to what I’m suggesting.”

“[He did it] to show off some of the stuff he could do, some of the weird filming techniques he has and some of the stuff he can pull off,” Rogen tried to explain to us at the time. “It was instantly unlike anything you've ever seen before.”

Gondry explains: “I change the speed of the camera at different spots in the image at different times. So, it seems like they’re in the same world but at different times, and then they’re back together.”

So, when “Green Hornet” hits theaters in June 2010, Gondry will have Hornet and Kato battling groups of evildoers -- while seemingly battling on different planes of existence? “I want to say it simply, because I don’t want people to steal my idea. So, I’m keeping it a little bit obscure,” explained Gondry, whose visual trickery is on display in his amazing new DVD, “More Videos,” now on sale. “[The camera] speeds up and slows down, but different times for different character’s images.”

Although it’s a little tricky to comprehend with the written word, Gondry basically plans to reinvent the fight scene by having Green Hornet moving slowly, Kato moving super-fast, the villains at normal speed -- and then mixing it all up repeatedly. “So, one will go fast and the other will go slow, and then they’ll meet,” he explained. “It’s [as if] they’re in different dimensions, but when they touch each other they come into the same dimension.”

What do you think of Gondry’s idea? Does it make you as excited to see “Green Hornet” as it does me?