EXCLUSIVE: Zack Snyder Discusses Life After 'Watchmen'

Zack SnyderEarlier this year, it seemed like you couldn't go five minutes without hearing or seeing the name Zack Snyder, thanks to a certain little flick called "Watchmen" and the deafening hype surrounding it. However, a month out from that insanely anticipated, critically acclaimed (yet some would argue, financially disappointing) film, we haven't heard much from Snyder -- so MTV News checked in with the director to find out what the post-"Watchmen" world looks like.

'I’m great," exclaimed Snyder in an exclusive chat with MTV News. "I’m working on 'Guardians [of Ga'Hoole],’ and putting ‘Sucker Punch' together, and we’re just trying to make another movie. The director’s cut of ‘Watchmen,’ is coming out in July, so there’s a lot more ‘Watchmen,’ still to be had, but we’re working on the other movies now.”

However, despite the slate of films Snyder has on his schedule in the coming months, comic fans will always remember him as the man who took a huge risk and managed to adapt the "unfilmable" groundbreaking graphic novel, "Watchmen." And while many directors would coast on that type of geek-cred, Snyder is quick to point out the lessons he learned from taking on such a revered tale.

“I really try to honor the material whenever I can, and sort of get at the spirit of what the material is," said Snyder. "‘Watchmen’ is ‘Watchmen.’ That’s what the movie is in my opinion."

"So I think what I’ve learned, is how much you learn when you run a marathon -- like how far you can really run," continued Snyder. "We learned that it didn’t kill us so we can keep going. It’s good fun, though. I’m really proud of the movie and I think it’s cool.”

Has "Watchmen" held up in your opinion? Do you think Snyder should be proud of his work? Are you looking forward to any other Snyder films? Let's hear it in the comments below.