'The Warriors: Jailbreak' Comic Book Series Begins Where Movie Ends

'The Warriors: Jailbreak'Earlier this year, I devoted a lot of attention to the Dabel Brothers' adaptation of the cult-favorite film "The Warriors" as a comic book miniseries -- after all, I spend most of the day with one of Mezco Toyz' "Warriors" figures staring at me from my desk here at Splash Page HQ. (If you must know, it's the "Cyrus" figure -- and yeah, I'm kind of a big fan.)

Well, it looks like my praise for the project was well-deserved, as the success of movie adaptation has spawned an upcoming 4-issue miniseries titled "The Warriors: Jailbreak." According to Dabel, the series will pick up where the movie leaves off, and finds the Coney Island gang on a mission to break one of their members out of prison. Check out the cover for the first issue after the jump, as well as more details about the series.

'The Warriors: Jailbreak'

While fans of the film shouldn't have too much trouble guessing who the target of the jailbreak will be, series writer Erik Henriksen promises that there will be a lot of surprises along the way.

"Jailbreak kicks off with the Warriors planning to bust one of their own out of jail—but from there, it’s gonna spin in some directions readers won’t expect," said Henriksen. "We’re having a blast working on it, and, as long as we don't mess up, readers are going to have as much fun as we’re having."

"And, uh, we’re totally not gonna mess up," added Henriksen.

In the publisher's official announcement of the project, Dabel teased that more original "Warriors" stories could be on the way after "Jailbreak," too. Among the potential projects is a movie prequel comic, as well as "one-shots or limited series based on the various gangs in 'The Warriors' universe."

Written by Henriksen with art by Todd Herman and Herb Apon (and a first-issue cover by inks by Tom Feister), "The Warriors: Jailbreak" should hit comic shops in July, but will debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Did you pick up "The Warriors" movie adaptation? Looking forward to original stories in "The Warriors" universe? Sound off in the comment section!