UPDATED: Top 10 Cities Announced In 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Screening Competition

WolverineThe United States is in the midst of a brutal civil war. No, there aren't any blue- or grey-clad soldiers running around with bayonets and muskets, and we're not talking about Captain America and Iron Man, either -- but we are talking superheroes. Right now, Americans are waging Internet warfare to win over the affections of Wolverine.

Earlier this month, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman declared in a special video statement that the American city with the most votes on the film's official website would host an advance screening of the mutant-filled feature. The screening would even include guest appearances from the movie's mutant stars. Now, as the voting deadline draws near, 10 cities have been identified as the leading candidates for the film debut.

As of April 8th, 2009, the Lone Star State of Texas is the leading territory in the competition with three cities -- Austin, Dallas and San Antonio -- sitting high in the Top 10. Neighboring Las Vegas, Nevada and Tempe, Arizona are not far behind.

While California appears to be one of the more competitive states on the website's map, only one city -- Davis -- is in the top 10. Also on the list is Chicago, which posed as Gotham City for "The Dark Knight" last summer.

Even Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, has its claws bared as one of the leading locations for the advance screening. Despite a strong showing from the east coast, Philly is the only named representative from the eastern region of the country. Florida has had a strong showing, but only Melbourne cracked the top 10 cities in the Sunshine State.

Rounding out the Top 10 list is Hastings, Nebraska. While it may appear to be a left-field contender to some, Nebraska actually served as the home to an orphaned Alex Summers during his childhood. Alex, of course, is the brother of Scott Summers, the mutant hero known as Cyclops who will appear as a youngster in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Still think Nebraska's contention is coincidental? We think not!

While there's still time to win the coveted screening in your hometown, the clock is ticking -- the winning city will be announced a week from today on April 20th, with the screening scheduled to take place a week after that on April 27th. If Jackman's grand entrance last week is any indication, this is one debut you won't want to miss!

UPDATE (4/14/09): With only six days remaining, the entire landscape of the contest has changed! Davis, CA is currently leading the competition with previous contenders Hastings, NE; Tempe, AZ; Austin, TX; and Melbourne, FL right behind. New on the list are Saint Louis, MO, and Zelienople, PA, proving that there's still time to get your city on the map!

The updated Top 10 list as of April 14th, 2009:

1. Davis, CA

2. Hastings, NE

3. Tempe, AZ

4. Austin, TX

5. Melbourne, FL

6. Saint Louis, MO

7. Dallas, TX

8. Las Vegas, NV

9. Philadelphia, PA

10. Zelienople, PA

Is your town one of the select top ten contenders for an "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" screening? Head on over to the film's official website to cast your votes today!