Channing Tatum Wants 'Captain America' Role -- But Thinks Will Smith Would Be 'Perfect'

Channing TatumThough his name is out of the running for Marvel’s “Thor” adaptation, Channing Tatum wouldn’t mind taking a shot at becoming Steve Rogers -- provided Will Smith doesn’t want the role.

After last year’s “Stop Loss”, three of Tatum’s next major roles feature him in various iterations of the US Military, including “Dear John”, “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” and “Pinkville”. Could Tatum’s public perception as the homegrown American soldier extend to the Marvel Universe in Joe Johnston’s “The First Avenger: Captain America”?

“I would love to talk about it,” Tatum told MTV News, admitting that a few people have told him to go after the role, though nothing solid has happened on that front.

What’s holding him back, however, is last year’s internet rumor that Will Smith would don the red, white and blue, something that Smith has categorically denied. Tatum’s still not convinced that Smith isn’t an inspired choice.

“When I’d heard that Will Smith was [interested], I’m just like, ‘God, yeah. That’s who should play it,’" said Tatum. "It would be a different Captain America than we all know in the comic, but it’s perfect.”

Of course, Smith isn’t the only name that has been bandied about around chatrooms and message boards. Rumored contender Matthew McConaughey has also stated that he’s not in the running while John Cena has recently provided his own self-endorsement.

The film, still slated for summer of 2011, was recently pushed back two months to a July 22nd release. Meanwhile, Joe Johnston remains as director on the project with a script currently in development by “Narnia” writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

What do you think of Tatum as Cap? What about the triumphant return of the Will Smith rumor? Share your thoughts below!

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