EXCLUSIVE: 'Lost' Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Reveals The Next Comics He Wants To Write

'Damon Lindelof'He's credited as the mind behind one of television's most talked-about and acclaimed series of the past few years (ABC's "Lost"), and one would assume he got the geek out of his system writing Marvel's "Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk," but as Damon Lindelof has discovered, the siren song of comics can be a hard thing to ignore. Now, it looks like he's setting his sights on Marvel's crosstown rival for his next potential project.

"I think it's everybody’s dream to write a 'Batman' story," Lindelof told MTV News. "He remains the coolest comic character in my reckoning. As a kid, my favorite character was Green Lantern. My extrapolation of his superpower was that his super power was imagination. I am scrawny and weak but if I had that ring I could come up with some clever things to do with it."

However, much like a vast majority of comic fans out there, Lindelof can map his comic tastes through the ages, and how specific runs of series helped shape his worldview and brought him where he is today.

"Green Lantern was my guy, and then later I gravitated to Batman because he didn’t have the same morality that consumed other DC characters," recalled Lindelof. "And that’s what gravitated me towards the Marvel Universe — the ambiguity in the characters. They were good guys, but severely flawed. I think 'Wolverine' in the [Chris] Claremont run was the coolest. Writing for him has been the dream come true."

Let's hear it -- would you like to see Lindelof get a shot at writing "Green Lantern" or "Batman?" Or would you rather see him keep on at Marvel? Let's hear it in the comments.