Will Angelina Jolie Be Making A Trip To 'Sin City' For Sequel?

Angelina JolieJust when you thought it was dead -- or at least a long ways away -- the long-awaited "Sin City 2” has reared its ugly head. But if you believe this latest rumor, the rough-and-gruff tough-guy ensemble is about to get a whole lot prettier.

Clint Morris at Moviehole reports that "Wanted" star Angelina Jolie is in "serious talks" to star in "Sin City 2." Morris says, according to a "high-profile producer friend," that the filmmakers are actively trying to get the actress to commit to the "Sin City" sequel.

Jolie has been long-rumored for the role of Ava Lord in an adaptation of "A Dame to Kill For," the second installment of Frank Miller's graphic novel series. The character is a former flame of Dwight McCarthy, played by Clive Owen in the original film. The two ex-lovers cross paths in all the heated, sexy and deadly fashion you'd expect from a gritty noir story.

While nothing is official at this early stage, Moviehole reports that Owen is "loosely attached" to reprise his role for "Sin City 2." "Iron Man 2” star Mickey Rourke's character Marv actually has a significant role in "A Dame to Kill For," though there's still no word on whether or not the actor will return for the film.

Earlier in the week, rumors circulated that The Weinstein Company had lost the rights to "Sin City 2," though a statement from the studio declared otherwise. Moviehole now indicates that while TWC still has the rights to the franchise, they need to move quickly on "Sin City 2” in order to retain those rights.

In other words, whether or not Angelina Jolie signs onto the film, we should be hearing more about "Sin City 2” in the coming months -- unless, of course, this is just another rumor.

How do you feel about Angelina Jolie in "Sin City 2”? Is she the right actress for the job? Do you actually think the movie will get made, or is this just another rumored start? Hit us up in the comments!