'Dragonball' Changes, 'Wolverine' Reactions And 'Iron Man 2’ Storylines: It's The Back-Issue Bin!

'Dragonball Evolution'It was a fairly varied week here at Splash Page HQ, with a group of films vying for the top spot among the week's most popular posts. Here's how the coverage looked:

- Today's premiere of "Dragonball Evolution" had everyone thinking about the popular anime/manga series, and our conversation with the "Dragonball" cast and crew about the story changes in the film earned more eyes than any other story this week.

- Everyone was tuning in to see Hugh Jackman's video response to the leaked "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie, but his high-flying entrance to a "Wolverine" movie event in Sydney was among the Top 5 posts for the week, too.

- We had the exclusive scoop on what much-rumored storyline won't be making it into "Iron Man 2" -- straight from Tony Stark himself!

... But wait, there's more!

- Zack Snyder gave us the inside track on the storyline for a potential sequel to "300."

- Terrence Howard teased that he was swearing off Marvel after his "Iron Man 2" snub, and could be looking in DC's direction for future roles.

- Did you hear the one about "Barack the Barbarian"? That one was pretty popular, too!

- Finally, "G.I. Joe" actor Channing Tatum told us we could cross his name off the list of potential leads in "Thor" -- apparently, he's not "Nordic-looking" enough.

... And that was the week's top stories in review, folks! Have a great weekend!